The Global Sports Group (GSG) is an analytics driven sports agency dedicated to supporting American prospects who have aspirations of playing professional basketball in the U.S. or overseas.

Through proprietary methods we identify the most promising talent in college, isolate opportunities specific to each prospect (Money ball), and manage every element of their transition.

Our team is dedicated to helping individuals build successful, productive careers through unique access to leagues, teams, and club-decision makers with an emphasis on transparency, customer service, and quantitative analysis.


To support the identification of American prospects, our partner, Global Sports Analytics (GSA), is a diversified technology platform that provides game data, league statistics and performance analysis to teams within the international basketball community.

GSA supports coaches and general managers by helping them win games and build rosters through advanced statistics; driven by the GSA EDGE.


The GSA EDGE is a web-based platform that applies “Moneyball” to the game, emphasizing proprietary algorithms, tailored for coaches and general managers.

Through the EDGE, users have access to a full database of “American Rookies”, organized by advanced statistics, and identified by GSG’s proprietary-player indicator, the M-SCORE.


A single score predicated on the relative overall efficiency of a NCAA Division 1 basketball player. The M-Score is used to estimate efficiency of players over long periods of time (i.e. full season).

GSG looks to marry scouting with the M-Score to identify under the radar senior prospects that could thrive at the next level.